The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis meets her Savior, Jeremy

Jeremy Stark is set to shake things up on Y&R.; He will shortly come to Genoa city and cause a commotion. Being said that, Phyllis Summers may be someone who can assist him in the coming days. As we all know, Jeremy has some unresolved business with Diane, which is bound to cause some major drama in the future.

So, with Phyllis being furious with Diane, we can clearly see her manipulating Jeremy’s issue in order to exact revenge on the she-devil. So, it looks like the soap writer is setting up some drama to put some new love story for Phyllis while adding trouble for Diane.

It’s clear that Phyllis is longing for someone in her life. So having Phyllis and Jeremy in the mix would be perfect. Since she is putting all of her efforts into her career and this Diane takedown scheme, she hasn’t had time to seek any new romantic options. Her previous relationship is not progressing since Jack is preoccupied with his family issues.

Similarly, Nick is fixated on Sally and is no longer under Phyllis’ influence. So, Jeremy could be the reason the soap writer has kept Phyllis single for so long. As a result, Phyllis might easily join forces with Jeremy to exact revenge on Diane. She wants Diane out of Genoa City no matter what.

As a result, she may use Jeremy as a chance to remove Diane from Genoa city, as well as to seduce Jack in order to make him jealous and find out about Diane’s secret. That would have a lot of dramatic possibilities if it happened.

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If Jack believes Phyllis is being closer to a criminal, he may become unexpectedly more intrigued by her. As we all know, Jack is already concerned about Jeremy’s homecoming, and Phyllis becoming closer to Jeremy will further complicate matters.

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So, we have to question how Jack will manage the scenario, given that he is likely to be in the middle of Diane and Jeremy’s power struggle. This brings up the situation that would generate the greatest dispute.

As a consequence, it appears that the soap writer is laying the groundwork for a big drama to arise. So it’s just a matter of time before Jeremy gets released and unleashes a terrible bombshell. And it will be fascinating to see if Phyllis becomes entangled with him in the following days. So, what are your thoughts on Phyllis’ romantic involvement with Jeremy?

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