The Young and the Restless Spoilers Next Week

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Next Week Abby and Devon will talk extensively about current events and their plans. Since they cannot reconcile with Chance or Amanda, they may decide to be honest with themselves. Abby might be open to doing what Chance asks of her now that she has chosen to end her marriage. Maybe the way Devon and Abby ended up together was always going to happen.

As they reflect on their true desires, they may come to realize what they want for the future. In any event, Abby and Devon will have a deep discussion before they make decisions regarding the future. Meanwhile, Chance will be interrogated by Victor regarding the truth about his relationship.

Chance may choose not to reveal anything about Abby, but given Victor’s pressure, he may feel compelled to discuss how she cheated with Devon and was caught red-handed.

Regarding Victor, he will also feel forced to step into Sally’s situation when it escalates a dispute between the Newman brothers. He certainly wants Sally to leave Adam’s and Nick’s lives. So, he will try to look into her past while hoping to uncover some startling information.

The majority of Sally’s recent errors have already been made public, so they cannot be exploited again. Thus, he may conduct further investigation and attempt to get concrete facts about her. Also, He might warn Nick to get away from Sally before it’s too late. While Adam is free to act, however, he pleases, he could again disregard Sally’s boundaries.

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On the other hand, Summer will be shocked to see Daniel back in Genoa. They will start to talk about each other’s situations and possibly also share some experiences in the process. Daniel has a game-changing plan involving him collaborating with Chancellor-Winters to reach his objective.

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Lily will be pleased to have Daniel at work, but this will annoy Billy even though his ideas are interesting. Nevertheless, he will be occupied caring for Chelsea and assisting in her recovery. While Nate is busy flirting with Victoria at the office, Elena will work to make peace with Devon.

Meanwhile, Kyle sees Diane will surprise Jack with a deep hug. He worries that his mother might take advantage of Jack’s kindness. Hence, he might warn Diane and remind her not to mistake Jack’s compassion for romantic feelings in Y&R.

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