Can I Get A Car Loan If My Credit Score Is Bad? How To Get Car Loan Easily


Are you looking to purchase a new car but concerned about your credit score? Many believe that a bad credit score automatically disqualifies them from getting a car loan, but that is not necessarily the case. At the same time, a good credit score can make securing a loan easier.

Getting approved for a car loan is still possible, even if your credit score could be better. In this article, we will explore the options available to individuals with bad credit and provide tips on improving your chances of getting approved for a car loan.

How the bad credit affect your car loan

A credit score is a representation of an individual’s creditworthiness. There are different credit scores, but the FICO score is widely used. The FICO score ranges from 300 to 850; a score below 630 is generally considered “bad” credit. A low credit score can result from missing payments, defaulting on loans, or having too much outstanding debt.

Can I still get a car loan with a bad credit score?

Getting approved for a car loan with a bad credit score may be more difficult, but it’s possible. Some lenders may be willing to work with borrowers with bad credit, but they may require a larger down payment, charge a higher interest rate, or place other loan restrictions.

How to improve your chances of a car loan with bad credit

Improve Your Bad Credit

If you have bad credit and are looking for a car loan, you can do a few things to improve your chances of getting approved. One option is to find a co-signer, such as a parent or a spouse, who has a good credit score and is willing to cosign the loan.

This can help demonstrate to the lender that you have support and are less of a risk. Another option is to make a larger down payment, which can demonstrate to the lender that you are committed to repaying the loan and help lower the overall amount you need to borrow. Also, looking for lenders who specialize in bad credit loans can be another option.

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Important Things To before taking on a bad credit car loan

Check your credit report and score: Ensure you understand your credit situation before applying for a loan. You can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus once a year.

Compare rates and terms: Shopping around for a loan is especially important if you have bad credit. Rates can vary significantly between lenders, so it’s important to compare offers and choose the one with the most favorable terms.

Be prepared to pay a higher interest rate: Because of the higher risk associated with bad credit loans, the interest rate will likely be higher than that of a loan for someone with good credit.

Look for a co-signer: A co-signer with good credit can help you get approved for a loan and get a better interest rate.

Consider the overall cost of the loan: It’s not just about the interest rate; you’ll also want to pay attention to other fees, such as origination fees and prepayment penalties.

Avoid predatory lending: Be aware of lenders who may take advantage of your situation and charge exorbitant interest rates or fees. It is important to read and understand the loan terms before signing.

Pick a reasonable vehicle: Not all car loans are equal, and not all vehicles are a good fit for a car loan. It is important to choose a vehicle that fits within the terms of the loan, to avoid defaulting.

In some cases, lenders may only approve loans for certain types of vehicles, such as those that are less than a certain age or have a certain number of miles.

Interest Rates For Car Loan With Bad Credit

Interest rates for car loans with bad credit can vary significantly depending on the lender and the individual’s credit situation. On average, however, interest rates for bad credit car loans tend to be higher than those for loans given to people with good credit.

A general range for interest rates on bad credit car loans is between 10% and 20% APR. This is just a rough estimate, and your interest rate will depend on your credit score, income, and other factors.

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It is also important to consider that some lenders may charge additional fees, like origination or application fees, in addition to the interest rate.

It is always good to shop around and compare offers from different lenders to find the best interest rate and terms. Keep in mind that some lenders may specialize in working with individuals with bad credit, and they may be able to offer more favorable terms than other lenders.

Working on improving your credit score before you take out a car loan is advisable, as having a good credit score can help you qualify for better loan terms.

Best Car Companies Giving Loans Even If You Have A Bad Credit


DriveTime is one of the largest used car dealerships in the United States, and they specialize in helping people with bad credit finance a vehicle. They have over 130 dealerships across the country and offer a wide selection of vehicles.


CarLotz is a consignment dealership, which means that they sell vehicles on behalf of the owner. They specialize in helping people with bad credit finance a vehicle and have locations in several states.

Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express is an online service that connects car buyers with dealerships that specialize in helping people with bad credit finance a vehicle. They have a network of over 1,500 dealerships across the country.

In-House Financing Dealerships

Several car dealerships offer in-house financing, meaning they provide financing directly to the car buyer rather than through a bank or credit union. These dealerships may be more likely to approve a loan for someone with bad credit.


Finally, having a bad credit score can make getting approved for a car loan more challenging, but it is possible. It is important to understand that while a good credit score can help you qualify for better terms and interest rates, there are still options available to those with bad credit.

Consider finding a co-signer, making a larger down payment, or looking for lenders specializing in bad credit loans. While these options can help improve your chances of getting approved, they may also come with higher interest rates or additional restrictions.

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